We met or started e-mailing each other last Feb..

I wrote to www.afroconnections.com once before on a success story about a wonderful black woman I have grown to fall in love with. I had a different address before and didn't have a way to e-mail a picture. We met or started e-mailing each other last Feb. You had written to me to send you a photo. I will try to do so now. No wedding plans have been set yet but.....it hasn't been ruled out either. We both have been fortunate enough to have met each other. Anyway once again I thank you for your services.


Well to make a long story short....

Well to make a long story short, he emailed me first Andy emailed back with a phone number and we talked about 6 weeks, and he decided we should meet so he flew in to Florida and stayed 3 days we went on an all day cruise, sight seeing, the beach, dinner and other places, and I flew into Denver and stayed for 3 days, visited the botanical gardens and ocean journey, ocean journey was beautiful, and now he's talking marriage but I told him to just take our time and see if we were meant to be, but we are still together, and connected at first sight, Thank you Afro connections.


I met the lady of my dreams ..

I met the lady of my dreams here. And I tell all my single friends to check u out because u never know until u try.

Thanking you for your services..

Thanking you for your services, I have found the woman of my dreams. I was only on your site for 3 days before I got a response from a lovely woman who I have grown to love the past 6 months. We are very compatible and have shared wonderful times together. Once again thanks.


Thanks! I found...well actually

Thanks! I found...well actually he found me! We are currently dating and maybe heading down the aisle!


When I woke up and opened my eyes, he was there...

Yes he was there thanks to your side. He wrote me about 100 e-mails and then I've decided to give him a phone call, and look at that. The number was not even correct. Then I send this one e-mail to this guy and that was it, we met right after and the relationship start rolling faster than I expected. Talking about taking it slow, no such thing dude. We are not married for 2 weeks and kids will be coming soon too. By the way, thanks afroconnections.com, you are the best dating site ever.

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